Cowboy Meatloaf


Cowboy, The Family Will Freak Out, Meatloaf


This is the BEST meatloaf ever, I promise!
Just try it!
This is most the stuff your going to need
This recipe is for 2 large meatloafs, mushroom gravy (gravy is the best stuff on earth), creamy wonderful mashed potatoes, and southern style country green beans with potatoes.
If you don't need 2 meatloafs, you can freeze one for another time, or you can have awesome leftovers!
5 Lbs. of Ground Beef
1 16oz of Ground Pork Sausage
24oz of Thick Cut Bacon
3 Packs of Saltine Crackers
1-2 Cans of Brown Beef Gravy
1 Large (white or yellow) Onion
1 Big pack of Mushrooms
3 Large Eggs
1 20oz Ketchup (your not going to use all of it, but your going to use a lot of it)
Italian Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Chunky Black Pepper
Cajun Seasoning (I make my own but any will do)
BBQ Sauce (I'm using Big Bub's South Texas Ass Slappin BBQ Sauce*)
2 Big Cans of Glory Seasoned Country Style Green Beans with Potatoes
2 Pats of Salted Butter
6-8oz Sour Cream

Let's Get Started!

Preheat the oven to 350
Your going to need a really big bowl...BIG! Put the ground beef, sausage, eggs, and crackers in the big bowl.

 OK... this is almost to the fun part!

Now add
3 Tbs. of Italian Seasoning
2 Tbs. of Garlic Powder
1 Tbs. of Big Ground Black Pepper
1 Tbs. of Cajun Seasoning

No, were not the fun part yet... Almost... The excitement is building!
Add a bunch of Ketchup
Not the whole bottle, but over half
Here it is...
Drink a glass of wine or pull out a cold beer because were about to roll up our sleeves, get dirty, and have bunches of Fun Fun Fun!

 That's right stick your hands in and start mixing!

Oh ya... Dice up an onion and throw it in!

Mix Mix Mix Mix Mix
If the consistency seems dry then add more ketchup.  You want it to be very moist but not dripping.
Now comes the tricky part
Were going to weave/lattice the bacon but we first need to talk about bacon

Bacon is one of the most awesome foods on earth.  If you don't like something, put bacon on it, you'll love it (including, but not limited to homework/paperwork).  Bacon Bacon Bacon! Fried bacon, grilled bacon, baked bacon, just bacon bacon completes everything! 
Back to the weaving/lattice bacon thing
Lay out 6 strips of bacon
Then lay 1 strip at a time the other way

 The secret to the lattice is work from the middle. 
 Fold back every other horizontal strip.  Lay down a vertical strip in the center next to the fold.  Unfold horizontal strip and back over the vertical strip... I'm sure you need a stiff drink after reading all this horizontal/vertical stuff; me too!  If this makes no sense at all YouTube it, and it will make way more sense!



 And........ TaDa!


 Sprinkle the masterpiece with pepper
This is where you take a picture because everyone you know will freak out with bacon envy!
Top the wonderful bacon and pepper with BBQ sauce
The best BBQ sauce on the planet is *Big Bub's South Texas "Ass Slappin" Sauce!!!!
Now time to get dirty again!
Take the meatloaf and make a big ball, put it on the wonderful bacon weave thing.  Your going to have enough of everything to make 2 big loafs.  It will take longer if you cook them both at the same time.  If you want to freeze the other one don't wrap it in the bacon blanket.  Freeze the ground meat in a bag, and freeze the bacon in a separate bag...


Keep adding balls to each other sorta making a football shape...sorta...
 Here We Go... Were Almost Done
Your going to take the bacon from the bottom and start to roll the hunk of meat, as your rolling tuck in the sides... Go Slow, and its ok if things start to fall apart... just keep going and tuck tuck tuck!  As you get to the end of the football, bacon, BBQ, Wonderful loaf your going to pick it up and put it into your pan with the seam side down...    


Now for real tucking begins, you might need to re-weave some bacon slices, just take your time.
 Smile cuz you rock!
Thank you Jesus!
Now put that bad boy in the oven! Make sure not to trip over the Big Great Dane who's snoring/helping in the middle of the kitchen floor...
Now take a breather and wash up.  My wine glass has been empty since the bad directions on "how to weave the bacon"...  It's time for a refill...

 Green Beans Baby! Southern Style!

2 Big Cans of Glory String Beans with Potatoes
Some Chunky Black Pepper
Some Italian Seasoning
Salted Butter
Put the 2 cans in a pot and add a touch of water to the empty cans to swoosh around and gather all the good stuff left in the can... dump in the pot. 

After 20-30 min of cooking the beans the juice should be getting a bit thin...
Add about 2 Tbs. of butter
1Tbs. of Italian Seasoning
A few shakes of Black Pepper
A pinch of Cajun Seasoning
Turn the heat down, cover, and let it simmer till your meat is done.

After 30 min or so check your Meatloaf.  Use "the sucker" (turkey baster) to get the juices out of the bottom of the pan.  This is very important...... are you listening...... under no circumstance ever, never, ever, throw out the grease you sucked out! Never Ever! Put the juices in a bowl, because were going to make some beautiful/sinful gravy with it.  So do not loose the drippings!


Most Awesome Mashed Potatoes Ever

Now that your pooped out, and have had more of the bottle of wine than you will ever admit to, Mashed Potato time.
I'm not good at how many potatoes per how many people, so your on your own on that one...
Some Potatoes (whatever you have on hand)
Sour Cream
Love :)
Boil water, add some salt to the water, cut up the potatoes (I don't peel the potatoes.  I leave the skin on. It tastes awesome I don't care what PaPa thinks) and boil them...

Go check the Meatloaf, and use the sucker...
Now Multi Task!
Gravy Prep Time
Time to slice the mushrooms for "the food group of gravy".  Now if you don't like mushrooms I wont hold it against you (as long as your not talking about bacon)... Just skip this part...
Melt a half stick of butter in a pan and add mushrooms with a pinch of salt. 
Stir your beans and check your potatoes...
After the first 30min have passed, I check the meatloaf every 10-15 min.  Each time you check the meatloaf suck the grease out AND SAVE THE GREASE!
Were looking for the bacon to be dark and crisp and the inside temp of the meatloaf to be 165F-170F (It takes about an hourish)
The potatoes should be soft enough to mash
Drain the water off the potatoes. 
Add a half a stick of butter, 6-8oz of sour cream, salt, and pepper
mash mash mash mash
Taste it, you might need to add the other half of butter
(don't hold back and start counting calories now... just add it ;)
As you can see from the blurry picture I was excited... Were getting close!
Now its going to get a little crazy, so kick the dog out of the kitchen, take a swig of whatever is left and roll up your sleeves!
Here We Go
Ok the dog wont get up... Really...
The meatloaf should be done by now check the temp
Take it out and suck the rest of the grease out of the pan. 
What's that? I do believe I hear the slight sound of angels singing!
Were going to let the masterpiece rest. 
Well, before we let it rest I think we should all take a moment to gaze at the awesome bacon covered blanket greatness you have made...
Heat up the mushroom butter stuff and add some of  the drippings from the pan of meat. Dump 1/2 the grease into the bubbling mushrooms and whisk whisk whisk...  Whatever you do don't stop whisking/stirring!  Then add the can or cans of beef gravy (I know it sounds like your cheating, and you are, but its really ok.  At this point its either take a nap on the kitchen floor with the great dane, or cheat...) keep whisking...  This should all be coming together and actually begin to look like gravy.  I usually don't need to add anything but a pinch of pepper, so taste it and see what it needs. 
Lord Have Mercy Were Finally Done!
Pat yourself on the back, and whip out the camera because working this hard needs to be documented and shown off to all your friends whom you didn't invite over for dinner. 
Congratulations! Time to Shove your Face with the stuff you have been smelling for hours!
*If your interested in the BBQ sauce that was used email BigBubsBBQ@gmail.com
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